I just came back from my algorithm coding quiz today and feel totally stumped. It was an easy paper, I thought I had it in the bag…

But I clearly did not.

Whenever things start to veer into the direction of hard work not paying off, I think it’s good to reflect on quality of work. Perhaps I did not grasp the concept well enough or it was just plain bad luck. There’s no harm in reflecting either way.

The semester has been very hectic so far. Starting off with the Inter College Games and two hackathons, it is now week 9 and I don’t feel confident about my work at all. The algorithms class is the most interesting course I have this semester, but I am not thriving in it. The first half of linear algebra is also supposed to be easy to grasp, but I (most likely) made too many careless mistakes in the midterm paper.

In addition to school work, I have my own projects such as Google Summer of Code applications and CS1010R to juggle. It is demanding and painful, but I do believe that I am leveling up as a person.

This got brought up during a conversation with a friend:

You do know there is more than just getting a degree and running the rat race right?

This should be one of the most important lesson that I have yet to learn. It’s still early, I am still in my freshman year. But I acknowledge the fact that the earlier I understand this, the closer I am to really benefiting from university education.