Title was just a quote from a WongFu video which I really enjoy watching.

Just watched ‘The Internship’ just now. Caught it alone because, I didn’t know why too. Was supposed to catch it with a good friend of mine. But I decided I should catch it alone first.

It was a really good movie IMO, apart from the fact that some cheesy love anecdotes were included, it was good. Portrayed what Google was about, and at the same time, touch that little something in all of us to let the older generation catch up with us youngsters. After all, we are living in what they have built. I teared a little during the scene where they showed Google HQ because it’s my dream to work there, and seeing it being portrayed in a film just gives me the motivation to get there. It’s a tough journey, but I admit, it will be a journey that I enjoy.

I have less than 6 months to go in National Service, and I do hope to make the best out of it. The gym has recently been open to all of us, so I’ve been really working out. Diligently.

The Internship, catch it, you wouldn’t regret it. 🙂