Another weekend just flew by like that. Well I’ve accomplished quite a lot for this weekend. Managed to cover pointers in C++! It’s a confusing concept, especially it’s applications, but I hope to master it by Tuesday. Coding is like math, I need more practice in order to fully understand a concept.

I’m already halfway through C++, but read online that not many people code in C++ nowadays. It’s a must-learn language, but not a useful language. I wonder why… :\ Maybe I’ll realize it soon as I continue to learn. 

Next language I have in mind would be Python. I don’t really know why I have to learn Python so badly, but I just want to learn Python. Is that even a good thing? If anybody could see this, please reply 😦

Anyway, no matter what I learn, I just want to learn it well, and make sure that it’s useful for me in the future. That’s all for now. My dad just got a Facebook and I sure have to help him set up some stuff 🙂