School is officially starting tomorrow. I’ve went through my previous posts (once more) and figured how far I’ve come, and how long I’ve waited for this moment. But now that school is really starting, there is an overwhelming sense of loss. 

It’s time to be a student again. 

After a short get together with Hume in the lounge tonight, and a really subjective (haha) conversation about which science is the best, I realise that I used to embrace studying in the past. I wasn’t anything like that when I was younger, but somehow, getting into JJC changed some of that. 

Here’s what I have to convince myself in order to perform at such a peak once more:

I’m not at the top, and probably never will. 

Sure, getting into NUS and Tembusu has proven that hard work pays off. I’m in an environment where people are really smart and hardworking. Almost everyone I meet are either from one of the top JCs or scholars. I’m an underdog. Not underestimating my own abilities here, but we have to admit that the education we received and the environment we grew up in is very different. 

This underdog feeling is somewhat motivation for me to work hard. The constant need to prove to others what you’re made of, instead of thriving in an environment where everything was built for your success. I think I’ve written quite a bit about being an underdog previously, and hopefully all that I’ve reflected on will remain in my head. 

Be an underdog, intentionally.

Other than that, there’s the Ponya orientation that’s taking place next week after lessons. I might just skip some of it, considering that I have basketball trials. Not to say that I’m worried, but I’m really concerned about partying and drinking. Two activities which I’m not strongly[1] against. 

Yeah that’s about it. Let’s have a first taste of what University life will be like tomorrow! 

[1] I don’t like excessive drinking and partying, or random drinking and partying. If it’s for a certain cause, and is justifiable, I wouldn’t mind it. So long as nobody gets hurt.