I’ve just made a decision which I never thought I’d make. It was for a really personal matter, but through it all I believe I have matured a little bit more.

Correct decisions are never easy to make. Be it in the workplace, school or our daily lives. Perhaps taking a nap sounds better than studying for finals, or watching the latest TV series (Game of Thrones omg still haven’t watched it yet) instead of completing a project. Which to choose? Ever since high school I’ve been making the correct decision, especially for academics.

But things never remain as simple as when we were young.

Today, I view decisions as a 2 bit binary. The correct but uncomfortable (10) one versus the incorrect but comfortable (01) one. Whereas the correct decision is what your mind tells you, the comfortable decision is what your heart desires. It is obviously easier to make the latter decision, but it brings about all sorts of trouble. The best kinds of decisions are correct yet comfortable (11). Till that decision comes…

Save thyself from the trouble and make the correct decision.

It is definitely for the greater good. 🙂

Stay strong.