I’m back with an update for what’s up lately. A few things!

First, I’m focusing a lot on C++ depth.
I brought my Primer C++ textbook into camp, so that I could focus on a topic a day, be it the basic arrays/variables, or the advanced classes and polymorphism. Learning something new a day would really help me in the long run. This is good, since I almost always have a bit of time at night for myself to improve.

Next up, digging into JavaScript.
I had completed Codecademy’s JavaScript course quite a while back, but haven’t really put it to good use yet. I understand the basic syntax, classes and way of using it. But to understand a framework would take it to a whole new level. 

I’m currently struggling with node.js and express.js, but struggling is good. It means that after the struggle, progress is made. What I realise is that after a few tutorials watched and forgotten, you eventually remember all the important details. 


The tutorials are all similar in some way or another. The similar portions are usually the important parts of whatever you’re learning. Thus, I’m in a way absorbing information from multiple “teachers”, trying to catch the common gist of it. (It works, really, especially when you’re venturing into a totally unknown field)

Last but not least, relax… 
Your entire life shouldn’t be about coding. Coding is your life, but your life isn’t coding. I started watching Breaking Bad and Suits, two of the better television dramas out there. I’ve considered getting back to gaming again, but seeing how sucked into it I was back then, maybe not. Leave that for when the PS4 comes out. I’d really like to get one to bond with family/friends. Those type of gaming is actually beneficial! 🙂

Other than that, I’m certainly more excited for my ORD which is coming up in approximately 5 months time. But I like to think of it another way…

It’s just another month to it. 

Well, I got my way of interpreting it. That’s classified. 😛