I haven’t really been focusing lately, mostly due to the fact that I fell sick. Bili’s self-diagnosis would say that it’s a case of chronic sinusitis, but I wouldn’t be able to confirm that until I visit the ENT specialist this coming Thursday.

I came to the point where I am not doing anything, at all. Not even coding. Just lying down in bed, trying to get as much rest as possible to relieve all the pressure that’s been building up in my head and nose.

I feel much better now though, and even had the balls to hit the gym this morning. I do hope that in the next few days things can kickstart well. I’ve found a website that contains all of NUS’ CS1101X module lab assignments. Well that’s a winner. I could slowly code all of those assignments one by one.

The lab assignments were designed to be solved in Java, but I figured that C++ would do fine too. Angular.js and jQuery would have to be put on hold now as I revisit C++ to brush up on fundamentals again. (They were never established or good to begin with).

Another one of my past times lately while I’m ill was to read on my iPhone. Downloaded this app called Kobo, and had my Steve Jobs biography ePub uploaded into it. Never stopped reading about his amazing discoveries and inventions. I do hope that one day, I’d be crazy enough to want to change the world, and actually make a difference.

Back to the camp for now, it’s around 6 more months to the end of my miserable conscript life. But for now, just for now, keep coding, it’ll be over soon.