Summer is coming to an end soon and I’ve grown so much both as a person and as an engineer. School is starting in a mere 2 weeks’ time and here’s what I hope to achieve for my Sophomore year’s first semester!

CS3216: Software Engineering on Evolving Platforms

This shall be the love of my life for the next semester. I’ll be trying to put skills I’ve acquired at ShopBack into this module. Well I don’t see this module as a class per se. I see it more as an opportunity for me to do something extraordinary. The code that I’m going to write in this module should at least make a difference to somebody’s life out there. In fact that’s one of the main reason why I code extensively. The thought that my product could affect hundreds and thousands of users excites me. However I’ve heard scary stories how this module kills a lot of time, and sleepless night to rush for product launches etc. Well, been there, done that. (Somewhat)

I’ll write more about this in my class blog (which is required by the curriculum) here.

CS Fundamentals

Not to say that my other modules are not important. I’m doing CS2102: Database Systems, CS2105: Introduction to Computer Networking and ST2334: Statistics and Probability. There’s one more Tembusu module which I’m not sure which to take yet. The two CS modules should provide me with adequate foundation knowledge that will allow me to level up into taking up more roles as a software engineer. While the last one is simply for the sake of strengthening my mathematical abilities.

Tembusu Orientation Site

This has been a side project for the summer (I’m pretty sure it qualifies as an orbital project but I didn’t sign up so). So Tembusu Orientation needed a website and I volunteered. It’s up and running well so far, I hope. It was my first time trying to deploy something on Amazon S3 and it’s pretty exciting.

The idea of this project is to make this Open Source. It’s currently private on GitHub but I’ll open it soon. Every year the orientation committee has to go through the trouble of setting up an orientation website for the freshies and I think there should be a better solution to this.

Well during the non-orientation time I hope the website can be used to scratch some of the itches of the new Tembusu computing freshies. Which reminds me, I should probably encourage most of them to get involved in coding for fun rather than coding for school 😛

I’ve been growing so much as a person over summer, and I can’t be more grateful for the opportunities and time I had. Both in ShopBack and my personal life.

Still, keeping my University code to live by:

Be yourself, be free, have fun and don’t forget to dominate.

Here’s to more adventures in time to come!

Stay strong. 🙂