It’s the semester’s half-time again. This time I didn’t spend it studying my ass off in school. I actually did project after project and went home for a break. Having only two papers next week, I feel strangely confident. That’s a bad thing.

I have a tendency to stay in school most weekends for fear of disrupting my workflow. But this semester has been different, I have not been focusing on what is important.

This half-time was spent productively at home.

I got actually got things done at home. I revised for my papers and finished what I needed to do for my projects. Perhaps I needed a change of environment. A much more relaxed and slow paced environment. Having done a fast-paced internship over the entire summer without a proper break is probably taking its toll on me, finally.

Yet another pain is about me being busy. Sometimes I don’t even think I am busy doing things, I’m busy being busy. This is really worrying because that’s the pathway to being the best procrastinator in the world.

In other words I feel like I should probably get my shit back together for the remaining 6 weeks of the semester.

Randy Pausch said this in his famous The Last Lecture:

When you are doing something badly and no one’s bothering to tell you anymore, that’s a very bad place to be. Your critics are the ones still telling you they love you and they care.

I’ve got people in my life who still genuinely believe in me and I am ever grateful for their existence. Here’s to a better second half of the semester. 🍻