I think it’s been made very clear that all of us are very much affected by the haze, scrolling through numerous tweets and Facebook posts about how bad it is. Many of us attribute this to our neighbouring country. I do not deny that, but let’s take a step back, and view things in a different light.

I myself has also been affected by this haze and in fact, I fell sick due to it. This made things even more difficult for me. (Let’s also take into consideration that I spend my time in an army camp. But that’s digressing) However, as I was sitting in line waiting for my turn at the clinic just now, it suddenly dawned upon me how we didn’t really appreciate the clean air that Singapore once provided for us. I know, many of us have already brought up the point that “I will definitely appreciate the air after the haze is over.” But that’s not what I am going to elaborate on.

I personally think that what most of us should be appreciating is clean air, not the absence of haze caused by them. Instead of pointing fingers at others and trying to solve the root of the problem, it is more important to fully understand and digest the moral of the story. Which is:

Air is important. Clean air is precious.

-Yours truly

Look at our daily lives and reflect on how much damage we are doing to the environment everyday. Excessive use of electricity, overcrowding of cars, wastage of plastic bags, water, paper, illegal disposal of rubbish. Even I, right now writing this blog, has three lamps switched on. It’s inevitable. It’s in our blood to waste natural resources and damage mother Earth in every single possible way. Picture this, when mother Earth really falls ill… The haze will be back for good. 

Then, we wouldn’t be blaming neighbouring countries, we wouldn’t be blaming others. We only have ourselves to blame. At least right now, the haze will last for the most a few months, not even close to a lifetime.

What if our children were born into the Earth in such an environment? Where smoke and dust particles fill the air around us? Think about it, this haze right now serves as a good example of what would happen down the years if we don’t take any action right now.

Environmentalist, take this as a good opportunity for a campaign, to convince people that Yes, it is time to make a difference. I don’t want this haze to ruin Earth forever.

After elaborating so much about what I think, I just want to make this clear:

  1. No, I am not trying to say that our neighbouring country is not at fault for what they’re doing.
  2. No, I am not making fun of anybody who are really affected by the haze. (In that case I’ll be making fun of myself)
  3. No, I am not an environmentalist myself. (But I do love the environment)
  4. This is just my 2 cents worth and thoughts about how we could look at this issue in a different light.