I am here again, trying to pen down all of my thoughts so far. I started this WordPress site at almost the same time I started to learn coding, and to see how far I’ve come, it’s great.

Honestly, I admit that I still do not know most of C++’s utilities, despite playing around with it for such a long time. I’m now doing slightly more advanced features such as iterators and vectors. But somehow, I do feel that my fundamentals are still not as strong as what it should be. (It will probably never be, which is a good thing. I can always revisit my old topics and strengthen my understanding of them.)

I’ve ordered a copy of C++ Primer (5th Edition) which came in two weeks ago. Really glad I ordered it. There are tons of information that I absorbed from the book. Other than working hard on my C++, I’ve also been messing around with my MacBook Pro’s functions. Installed MacPort today and currently updating my GCC to the latest version. (Just to support the auto type feature of C++11) It’s taking forever to build in the Unix shell. I wonder why.

Also, I’ve stopped using IDEs and moved on to Emacs instead. Takes away most of the clutters around and made me understand more of my code, instead of having the software remind me constantly of my syntax errors. Emacs is really good, but I’m not utilising most of its tools. Mainly because I’m still new. But sticking to it as my text editor would be fine.

What I wish to achieve for the month of September would be to understand the C++ standard library more, and hopefully build something cool with it. I’m currently coding the Graduation program from cplusplus.com’s beginner exercises. On the way I learn about all the different skill sets that are required to program their problems.

For the slightly longer run, I do hope to enhance my HTML/CSS skills for my aunt’s webpage as well. Hope that I can do a fine job for them. Or else it’ll really be embarrassing myself 😦

Why did I name this post that, it’s to always remind myself, as a really great friend just told me via Whatsapp, “Everybody starts somewhere.”

Here I am, starting. 🙂