Until I applied for my first job. The question was “Tell me more about yourself.” 

“Hi, I’m Bili” was my response. *major facepalm* (Yes, I got rejected)

Tomorrow is going to be another interview, for NUS University Scholar’s Programme. I’ve learnt my lesson to prepare for interviews, and I sure did this time. More importantly, I believe confidence is the key to scoring during an interview. Walk into that room, and show the interviewers that you’re merely having a chat with them about something you really like talking about. So here are my code for tomorrow’s interview, which is about the same as my code for university life. 

Be yourself, be free, have fun & dominate.

Yes, the last part is the crucial. I don’t wish to leave the room the same way I did after my first job interview, embarrassed and filled with regrets. This time it’s going to be different. 

That said, it’s fine if I don’t get an offer from USP. This entire process of essay-writing to interview has given me experience that I need for my future endeavours. Hopefully the interview would be productive and fruitful tomorrow, instead of only just a process that I have to go through.

I will learn and grow as a person, even if I don’t get in. That’s the ulterior motive. 

I’m all set, hopefully tomorrow will be without a hitch! 🙂