What a lame and boring title, right? 

It isn’t for me. November signifies yet another month closer to ORD. It also reminded me of how long have I been coding, and how much I’ve improved. So, without further ado… 

I built a Griddler app for my unit. It was just a small project which I wanted to try out with Express.js and Jade. It has really basic functions and I’m just going to leave it as it is. Also I hosted it on Heroku and GitHub

Why? I guess I just wanted to fool around with a small little project, not to really build a working app that could be widely used. I think I’ve achieved my goal, and it’s time to move on. My next little ‘venture’ would be coming up soon enough. I would really want to redesign a certain app to test my coding abilities. There isn’t much that I could do now, but I’m bettering myself over time.

Currently I am:

  1. Taking Harvard’s CS50 through iTunes U. It focuses on programming fundamentals, which I’ve been tackling for the past 6 months. Also, it adds in C, together with PHP. It’s what most employers want nowadays, for Singapore at least. I’ve looked through several job requirements and most requires PHP with SQL knowledge. Well, . 
  2. Taking Stanford’s Algorithms module, through iTunes U as well. It’s important I guess, to understand algorithms. Let me share the bubble sort algorithm! I understand basic syntax and functions of my languages, it’s time to up my game, again. 
  3. Reading. Lots. I have several unread books that are rotting away at home. So I decided to tidy up my room, and place those books on the ‘unread’ shelf. Some of it includes J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy, and also Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. Mixture of classics and modern fiction, but the point is to keep reading. How we portray ourselves is reflected by what we know. Books fuels our thirst of knowledge, just as petroleum fuels the need for speed. 
  4. Swimming. I joined our Division’s swimming competition. Well I’m really slow, and I don’t expect myself to compete. But the training is every morning (it’s crazy) and very much intense. When there’s intense training, it gives your body a good tone, coupled with a great tan too. 😉 I sleep better and feel much healthier lately too. 

I have around three more months left before I end my service with the SAF. Some may say it wasn’t a pleasant journey, some may miss the life and companionship of great army buddies. But for me, I’m just gonna say it was part of life. We move on. (I’ll save this for my ORD post)

Until then, keep hacking!