Just came back from a CS3216 talk on Growth Hacking by Zopim’s Bjorn (very cool name I swear) and Wei Xiang. It was a pretty inspiring and relatable talk especially after I completed an internship at a growing startup.

One of the more relatable point that was mentioned is learning through mistakes. Several questions were brought up on rewriting the tech stack and choosing the right stack from the beginning. I think Wei Xiang did a great job addressing these concerns that us budding software engineers often have. While there are really ways to learn by RTFM (Read the F-ing Manual), some things can only come with experience. Going through the process of making a mistake and recovering is actually the best process of learning. This gives me more confidence that what I’m doing for my project technically is correct (even though it might be all the wrong decisions made, but at the end of it I’ll learn something).

CS3216 is really fun, but I’ve been neglecting my other modules. Should probably start to take school a bit more seriously. I have no regrets taking this module so early on though. Skills acquired here will definitely be of great value!

Fingers crossed that all will go well! 🙂