I believe I have a problem of feeling inferior, and not selling the complete image of myself to others. When I say ‘sell myself’, it does not refer to prostitution. Rather, it refers to the ability to show others what kind of person you are. 

After reflecting how the USP interview went with my parents, they all agreed that I’ve shown too little. In other words, I’ve failed to ‘sell myself’. I did not mention at all about my travels to Peru, neither did I mention about the two overseas community projects which I’ve been to when I was younger. 
Unknowingly, I’ve considered these activities as something that wouldn’t impress.
I did not even list it down as ‘Community Involvement’ during the application progress. It was a mistake that I have to live with now, albeit a small one. 
Having spent the first 4 years of my life with my grandparents, I shared my thoughts with them right after the interview. They agreed that I was being too humble, or as a Chinese saying goes, 留有余地. My relatives and parents warned me about my weakness, which is extreme humility and cautiousness. I don’t have that confidence that I should have, and it’s portraying the wrong side of me to others. Now that even my grandparents see my weak side, it’s inevitable. I have to do something.
I think one of the baby steps that I could take would be to communicate more efficiently with my friends and peers. I’ll start with people whom I’m most comfortable with, then slowly progress on to more distant friends. When it comes to conversations with strangers, I’d have to think of the fastest way that I can sell myself to them as an interesting person. It sounds like going to a matchmaking party, but I assure you this is for a much greater cause than to get myself laid. 
Lastly, I have to keep writing. The more I write, the more I think. The more I think, the more content I have in mind that I could just pull out and start a conversation with. 
I just got back from China and currently I’m unemployed. I spent the whole of yesterday on the computer, idling. Here’s a decision that I made earlier during lunch. Even if I’m not going to work, I better make sure I’m doing something to better myself. Learning to sell myself would be one of the many priorities I have during this ‘vacation’ between now and the start of school semester.
Till then. 🙂