It was a beautiful day this morning when I was met with a pleasant surprise. Had to return to camp to settle some “stuff” which I shouldn’t be blogging about. So I won’t!

Okay so here’s what happened after I returned to camp. Went to Gain City with my dad who picked me up to take a look at the MacBook Pro with Retina display. Well apparently they bought an overpriced television, and could get a good $400 off if I bought a MBP there. So yeah, I needed one, they wanted that $400 off for a $1988 MBP, I’m happy, they’re happy, company’s happy, everyone’s happy! What’s the problem?

So here am I blogging with my new MacBook Pro. My first actually. Didn’t thought of getting one until some of the websites online recommended getting an Apple product for coding because of it’s capabilities to run Bootcamp to dual boot into windows, and also to code for iOS with the OSX environment. That’s cool stuff, though it’ll take me quite a while before I actually get to coding with Objective-C. Right now I’ll just fiddle around with this new baby and see what can I do with it! 🙂

Anyway a question, should I put on protectors for my MacBook Pro? Like palm protectors and trackpad protectors. Read that Apple don’t endorse it because they might cause scratches to the screen. Which I do agree! All the dust and sweat collected on the protector will eventually touch the screen… And there goes a perfectly fine Retina display.

I’m enjoying this Retina display and it shall be enjoyed by me for at least 5 years (considering that technology improvements don’t accelerate to the speed of light soon)

Back to coding. Keep hacking guys, ciao.