I've moved in to Tembusu College, finally.

Photo 3-8-14 13 01 10
Room number!
Photo 3-8-14 13 01 16
How the room looks like when it just started off.

I’m staying really, really high up on the 19th floor. Pros and cons of staying so high up. Well but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Sadly most of my friends are staying in the lower levels. 😦

We’re still neighbours though, living in the same block!

So what have I been up to so far?

Bill splitter.

I’m busting my head over this project. It was all going really well until I had to figure out how to split the bill among people. Not that I do not understand the math, but I couldn’t figure out a design pattern to link all of it together. This is taking up way too much of my time. But I have to finish this project before school officially starts. Right now what I have is just a pretty interface that adds items to a person’s item list. 

That’s it.

Really, really pathetic. 😦

At least I learnt the importance of design patterns (the hard way), and I’m diving into that right away. I haven’t really been working on my Head First Design Pattern that I bought online, and Eloquent JavaScript which I’ve been delaying since I first read the introduction chapter. 

I think a more important skill worth having is to read multiple books at the same time. 

I couldn’t ‘multi-read’. Currently I’m at Game of Thrones and every time I fire up Kobo on my iPad, I’m just lost inside the world of Westoros. Perhaps I should read more simultaneously! 

Lessons are officially starting in a week’s time, so I got a few more days to sort myself out mentally. It feels kind of like the calm before the storm. :/

Hope everyone is ready for school! 😀