I just came back from Freshmen Social Camp a few days ago, and boy it was helluva camp. (Despite the fact that I got down with fever and sore throat the second day I came home)

Back to reality though, I realise that I’m pit against some of the best in NUS, and it’s not going to be easy to rise to the top. That being said, I should really get my shit together fast before I start to slip. There are many freshmen with programming experience far more advanced and in-depth than mine. It’s no surprise, considering that I’m self-taught and all the code I’ve written are for my silly little projects. It’s time to step my game up, and code more, and code efficiently. 🙂

The camp also brought back some of my social skills which I’ve lost. Apparently, spending two years in the army communicating in simple (really simple) talks have taken a toll on my social abilities. Alas, this camp is called Freshmen Social Camp. It did serve it’s purpose well 😛

Tembusu finally sent me an email asking me to schedule an interview. I can’t be more thankful for this opportunity given. Having written so much about interviews previously, I hope this time things will go differently.