It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, but I’ve been updating Quora quite frequently, do check out my recent travel diaries, and also a project diary here!

From now till school starts, it will be hell of a ride.

I’ve got a trip to China from 9th May to 20th May, after which school will start from 11th August, right after National Day in Singapore! From now till then, I’ve got a couple of goals set. And I really hope to crush these goals. 

First, brush up on my math. 

I’ve selected a few math courses from MIT’s OpenCourseWare. It’s been 2 years since I’ve done any challenging math questions, and walking right into NUS with math abilities like that is instant suicide. I suppose I’m going to need a few visits to the library to get some textbooks, since I’ve thrown all of my JC notes away. (I know, I threw them away the day A levels ended) Other than brushing up, I need to expose myself to new concepts of math that CS needs. I read on Quora that it’s a totally different field, and it’s mind-blowing. That’s great, I love mind-blowing. Moving on…

Work on projects, and finish the projects. 

What’s good if you learnt a programming language, and leave it as it is? Over my USA trip, I’ve designed a website by making use of HTML/CSS and JS skills acquired over my 6 months of learning. It isn’t very complete yet, but at least it got shipped. I still have to make a few adjustments. Check it out here! Recently I’ve been working on different algorithm implementation with C++ as well, and it’s not been going good. I didn’t want to finish CS50 to forget all of it the next day. Thus I’ve been revising some fundamental concepts which I should have mastered, but didn’t. Projects are a great way of making sure of such things. Even if the project isn’t an actual project, i.e. just tinkering with code, it offers as a platform to learn. And learn is exactly what I need to do right now.


I’ve been shortlisted for NUS’s University Scholar’s Programme (USP) interview, and I ought to prepare for it. Preparing for the interview is one thing, but if I get admitted, with my writing skills as such, I wouldn’t survive the massive amount of essays that will head my way. I love to write, but I’m not good at it. There’s always room for improvement, and to do so, MIT OpenCourseWare is my best friend right now. There is a course on Essay Writing, and it provides lots of readings coupled with assignments. I would need a mentor for my work though, got to keep looking. I have to get it that I’m not good at writing, despite my love for writing. I definitely need to work on it. This doesn’t mean if I don’t get into USP, I would give up on this. I think writing is going to be important even after university. There’s that. 

Set out my priorities for university.

I’ve seen some of my friends entering university and suffered through it, while some were having fun and enjoying themselves. I think this would be the code that I’ll live by in university:

Be yourself, be free, have fun and don’t forget to DOMINATE.

I’ve written that down on a card, and it should be up on my wall/pin-board when school starts. Nobody would care about you if you’re just a cool dude with great attitude and personality. I have to dominate in my field, which is also my studies. Give in my best and I’m sure this wouldn’t be that difficult. Let’s see what happens when the ball starts rolling. 

Exercise, exercise, exercise. 

Recently I’ve been working out every morning, since I’m waking up at 6am due to jet-lag. This habit has to continue though, because it gives me that pick-me-up everyday. Also, I’ve lost plenty of weight due to a bad traveller’s diarrhoea that I suffered in the States. Now that I’m back, it’s time for some recovery workout! There’s an IPPT waiting for me to take too, it’s $200 bucks if I get a silver and I’m not going to let that money slip away, now that I’m unemployed. 

That’s all my plans so far, and I do hope it would be sufficient enough to prepare me for university life. Once again, let’s just see what happens when the ball starts rolling. 

Till next time!