I decided to give presentations a try since I’ve never been really good at it. It was pretty fortunate that I was given the opportunity to present in a lecture to CP3101B students about my experiences contributing to NUSMods. There’re a few lessons learnt from the short 5 minutes.

Speak slowly.

I spoke too fast and honestly I doubt if people even caught what I said. Nerves probably contributed to this and also maybe due to the minimal sleep I had the night before. Also, speaking too fast caused me to not speak into the microphone. Which is another problem in itself. What’s a presentation if people cannot even hear you?

Something to keep in mind for next time.

Prepare slides with a theme.

My slides didn’t really have a theme, and it was mainly me rambling on and on about whatever comes into my mind. By theme I mean content, not aesthetics. It is similar to writing a research paper without a thesis. What am I trying to get across to the audience? 

Look at the audience, not your slides.

I have a tendency to look at the slides in order to remember what I want to say. I guess sometimes it’s not about one presenting to another. Similar to a conversation between two, eye contact shows the amount of attention you give to them. So if I don’t give attention to my audience, why would any be given to me?

That’s pretty logical.

Some people can present without planning, comfortable with giving impromptu speeches on stage. I’m really impressed by them, but that probably took years of hard work. Reducing the presentation problem to a set of algorithms probably isn’t the best idea, since a presentation is live and dynamic, it changes over time, any time. These skills come with experiences that can only be gained by participating more.

Until the next opportunity shows up, I should focus more on bettering myself in other aspects of life. 🙂