It’s recess week! Also known as the week of pure studying for mid terms, at least for us CS students.

To start the recess week off proper, I attended a Code Golf session by NUSHackers. It sort of show me how detached I am from recreational programming. Lately CS1101S is getting more intense, and I’m often coding out solutions in JediScript, a neat little subscript of JavaScript. In fact, I’m more used to the JediScript library now compared to the usual JS things I’ve learnt before.

Code Golf has taught me something valuable though:

The people who understand their tools well are usually those who solves problems.

I’ve done JS programming for quite a while now, but I still couldn’t return the index of the n-th occurrence of string s in string t. But what I’ve really learnt were neat and elegant concepts such as recursion, order of growth and data structures. There’s still some missing dots that I’ve yet to connect. One of the ways I could do that would be by coding my own projects with concepts learnt from this module so far.

As Ryan mentioned I should probably fix my TicTacToe.

As always when I try something new (Code Golf), I had a feeling that I suck. Interestingly I always tell myself it’s okay to suck. So long as I’m getting better and I’m trying.

So yes, that was my ‘virgin’ Code Golf experience, and what I’ve taken away from a short 2 hour session of coding little snippets. :3