I have just submitted my UTCP application. After what happened with my USP application, I learnt a really valuable lesson.


I’ve been unable to sleep days before my USP interview. On the day of interview, I arrived too early at Cinnamon and was in a total mess. I look fine on the outside, but on the inside, I’m actually going through a mental hurricane. Thoughts about what were they going to ask, how am I going to respond. I summarised that for an interview, I have to prepare to a certain extent. Excessive preparation leads to a blank mind when an unexpected question is being asked.

Next, I have to address my anxiety issues, which leads to bad linguistic abilities. Nerves can be wrecking, and I suppose it is time to start controlling them. Relax the mind, maintain the clarity of thought, and articulate slowly to give yourself time to think. I recognised the importance of linguistics a little too late, but as cliché as it sounds, it’s never too late for anything. 

I am determined that if I’m given another chance for an interview with either Tembusu or CAPT, I will not screw it up. I’ll go into that interview and talk, like Bili can talk.