I’m not a ‘sports person’, but I somehow decided to join swimming for my division’s Sports Day. Well, it was a great experience overall, despite the fact that I was only a reserve in the end.

Couple of reasons why I really enjoyed past month training for this event:

  1. Keeps me exercising everyday! I think it’s done a great deal to my physical strength after these two weeks of training. I don’t want to stop this habit of a morning swim session, I feel good for the rest of the day after every swim session.
  2. Corrected my strokes. I finally got used to swimming freestyle for long distances, and also a more efficient breaststroke. Butterfly and backstroke aren’t my thing, but still… Better than before. Which means improvement. Improvement makes everything much more worth it. 
  3. Great company! The people whom I met at swimming were really friendly and great. Conversations about anything and everything. Mostly about swimming (duh) and some great tips on University education!

Other than these, I think swimming has made me realise something too.

Being very good at something isn’t easy.

Till now I still wonder why wasn’t I good enough to make it for the team, but it appears that other people were simply just better than me. It was for the best of the team to do without me. That’s still a contribution, giving them a choice. 🙂

But from now on, I think it is important to push myself to be the best at whatever I do, be it swimming, coding, or anything that I love. As Mike reminded Walter White:

No more half measures.

That Breaking Bad reference. 😛

That sums up what are my thoughts for the swimming event that I just (sorta) was a part of.