I wrote about not treating school seriously previously and felt that maybe it is time to do some life restructuring.

It’s already 3 weeks into school but I don’t feel like I’ve learnt or achieved much at all. I need to tidy up what’s currently on my plate since I have so many things to juggle at a single time. Mostly CS3216, NOC application and IFG basketball. (Which I didn’t make the team for this time)

Trying to do something on a regular basis develops a habit and I think habit is exactly what I need right now. So just three simple things to do regularly:

Finish up all other tutorials before touching CS3216

This has proven to be a problem so far this semester. I’ve been neglecting my other modules. Thank goodness they’re still pretty easy and straightforward, so not much time is needed to catch up. But building a project while being in school really distracts me from what I need to do. This feels something like CS1101S in my freshman year, but worse. This shall remain as my number one priority because it’s only going to get more hectic as the semester progresses.

Do one algorithm challenge in Python, every week.

Since I’m already doing my Database Management project and Networking assignments in Python, why not master this neat little language this semester? (Together with 3216) Doing algorithm questions in Python kills two birds with one stone. Both having a better grasp of the language and keep my fundamentals fresh in my head. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done any form of sorting, graph theory. I can’t even remember the previous time I used a recursive function.

Software engineering is all useful and cool, but I still need to polish up my fundamentals. Lacking any useful fundamental course this semester, this is the only way I can keep my theory in tip-top condition.

Waste no time on other useless things.

Relax time should be spent on purely resting and relaxing, not on things that will waste more energy. Social media is one huge bane of productivity since ‘social media breaktimes’ usually extend beyond what was initially planned.

Relaxation should be limited to these three activities:

  1. Music, play the guitar
  2. Reading
  3. Exercise

The general rule of thumb that I should follow is that if I’m doing nothing, I shouldn’t be on social media.

I was watching the sunset from my window ledge just now and reflected a bit on what has been going on lately. I might be good at coding, I might have a fiery passion for my craft. But I’m not the best, yet.

There are also other things that I am not good at, my weaknesses and flaws. Nor am I that talented in any other crafts or hobbies like guitar and photography.

If coding is my only talent, I better be damn good at it.

Here’s to more good news in time to come!

The view from my room: