The past two weeks of NOC has been a whirlwind ride. It stretches from looking for housing to finally settling down. There was a bit of drama here and there, but I am glad that we’re all settled down nicely now.

Having heard so many stories about NOC, I have experienced for myself the struggle that people go through while looking for housing, transportation, insurance and setting up finances. It is further made difficult by the fact that we are working and attending classes at Stanford at the same time.

So far, I’ve settled down in a little nice corner of Sunnyvale (South Bay Area) together with 7 other batch mates.

Keeping an Open Mind

Everyone departed for NOC with this goal in mind. “To go with an open mind.” I think it is important to always question periodically how open am I. Many times I like to retreat into my own enclave and tell myself this is my way of doing things, and I’ll keep to it.

Be flexible, be understanding, be forgiving.

Opened a fortune cookie after lunch at Chef Chu’s today and it read “Be prepared to modify your plan. It’ll be good for you!” It’s probably a sign that I should relax and take a chill pill. Plans do change and when they do, I need to take them in my stride.

Getting a car was an interesting experience. Although in the end I took a huge risk by purchasing a car without first sending it for mechanic check. (Probably should do it this weekend) It was a calculated risk though, considering that it’s relatively new with low mileage, plus it’s a Japanese car. It should last me for at least half a year! It’s called the Platypus. Shall take a picture with it soon.

Oh and yes I forgot to turn off the headlights on the first night I got the car, and had to find a security vehicle in the rain at the parking space to jump start the car. What an adventure.

The advice given to me long ago should still hold:

Engineers cannot panic. Don’t panic.

Work has been pretty smooth, and I am not sure if that is good. I am still learning, but at a much slower pace than I expected. Maybe it’s time to focus more and cut out distractions.

Stanford lessons were really amazing. There’s this whiff of excitement every week that I step into Stanford. There are really bright students in class but I think it is important to calm down to gather your thoughts before speaking. It is tempting to raise my hand at every opportunity to express my views, but a well-thought out answer is always better preferred compared to a winged answer.

It’s going to be nearly a month here, and I look forward to way more adventures ahead! 😀