A month into life in Silicon Valley and I find myself wasting too much time on things that don’t matter. I don’t feel like I am making full use of my time in a productive manner. As a result here are a few of the things I would want to focus more on.

Level up as a developer.

(I think this goal has been repeated over and over again in my blog.)

My role at EasilyDo has been more on backend, providing support roles for internal tools etc. It isn’t as exciting as my time spent at ShopBack where my code directly affects customers, but there is still much to learn.

The different roles that a software engineer plays greatly affects the different skill sets they learn. For example, a client side engineer (mobile, frontend web) will focus more on iteration, customer interaction and A/B testing. Whereas a backend engineer focuses more on business logic, data and software architecture.

For my current role, it seems that I am doing unimportant work that is of little value. However if we take a step back to look at the grander scheme of things, for one to thrive as a full-stack engineer, he/she definitely has to be exposed to both side of the story. Which is why I still find my current work fulfilling, albeit the lack of excitement.

Level up as a Computer Science undergrad.

This is one part of my life that I’ve been ignoring. I felt this very strongly the previous semester when I was busy with Letterbox and neglected my Database and Network modules. My priorities right now should be student first, developer second. After all, I am still learning and college is the best time to learn. Putting things together to make an awesome application sure is exciting and fulfilling, but the theory and concepts of a computer science education is not to be neglected.

Parallel computing has always been something I wish to venture in, but have not exposed myself to yet. Abdulla brought up a good point at work the other day, “why exactly are you interested in parallel computing?”

I realise I couldn’t answer that.

Perhaps I should start looking at more papers and hot topics on parallel computing, and get started with being familiar with the current problems and issues faced by people in the field.

One of the greatest mistakes I will ever make in university is to jump into a focus area that sounds interesting to me, but doesn’t exactly pique me.

A resolution for myself: read a chapter of any computer science fundamentals textbook everyday and digest what you’ve read. 

A chapter a week doesn’t sound hard until we actually start doing it. A couple of interesting books to digest would be CLRS and the OS textbook. (couldn’t recall the name, but I have it loaded in my iPad)

Health and Fitness

Well come to ‘Murica right? Where the obesity is a huge problem. Given the scrawny little guy I am right now, what do I have to worry about? Gaining more mass healthily.

I got my 24-Hour Fitness membership lately and I guess that’s the start of a brand new routine. The previous time I tried to bulk up by hitting the gym was in the army, and that did not really turn out well. One of the best part about the 24H Fitness near my house is an indoor basketball court. I foresee myself spending lots of time there when things get really tough. 🙂

Besides that, cooking has been a breeze. Eggs are dirt cheap and the meat are really nice and fatty. Which makes cooking much much easier. Shall post pictures of several dishes I’ve made soon!

Once again I have a game plan laid out ahead of me. Now it’s time to make it happen. 🙂