The title is as above because that’s where I am with C++ right now.

It’s really hard to pick up something from the scratch with nobody to show you the ropes. I’m doing that now and, honestly if I ever master coding before I ORD from NS, it’ll be really an achievement.

I figure that it’d be better to record down some of my progress with learning C++ right here too, so that I could really reflect on how much I’ve actually learnt from the tutorial. It’s right here if you want to check it out as well.

So I’m currently at basic input/output where we learn about the objects cout and cin. It’s basically how the machine and the human communicates with each other. Humans input, computers output. But in order for the computer to interpret what we input, we have to tell the computer what exactly is the human going to input into the system. Thus we got to declare! And also in the midst of all these there are nitty gritty details such as how to obtain results in an entire line of string characters. That’s, not really important but when it comes to coding, I’m sure it has to be applied. (I mean Jesus, declaring variables for every single data that we input? No way!)

And before this chapter I was learning about variables and constants. Which I have to admit it isn’t that easy as it seems. In math variables and constants are clear to define, but in C++, totally different story! (At least that’s what I think…)

All in all, the progress for C++ so far has not been very smooth sailing. Most probably due to the fact that I am not really focused in learning. I need to concentrate, even in camp just to get this right. Or else I’ll end up wasting my time and effort away, again.

I’ll update soon again.