I’ve went for my first IFG basketball “get together” yesterday, and it was surely disappointing. Not in a sense that it wasn’t fun, but it’s hard to admit, I still suck at this sport. 

Despite all the effort put in to make sure I can shoot a lay-up properly, or make the easy open shots, I still lack the experience and IQ to run plays. Coupled with the fact that I just recovered from a bad flu, it adds up to a disaster on court. The others who joined IFG are really experienced and good players, I feel really out of place. 

I read somewhere though, that when you suck at something, there are basically just two options you can choose from. 

  1. Continue sucking, or
  2. Suck less

All my life I’ve been choosing the easy way out, which is the first option. Going down easy without a decent fight. I am pretty determined to make a difference this time. Even though there’s a high possibility that I wouldn’t make the team, at least I tried. There’s still next year, and the next, basically all of my NUS life I could be involved in the team. 

So here’s my plan for basketball this year:

  1. Build on my stamina
    I have a swimming pool at my disposal, I think it’s better than running. Consider that basketball trainings will consist of lots of running, frequent scheduled swims will probably loosen and relax my muscles, while at the same time work on my really, really bad stamina. 
  2. Watch, and learn from film
    Probably start by watching how teams run the basic plays which I ought to understand. Where I should stand on the court etc. I figured that even if I cannot run such plays, at least I could understand what’s going on and not be a burden on court. 
  3. Improve as much as possible during training
    There is limited number of trainings, so I have to improve tremendously during each session. I believe the trainings will not be catered to me, but to the team as a whole. So I have to put in some work during my own free time as well. Think I’ll figure this out by myself when training does begin. 
  4. Play during my free time
    My ‘basketball buddy’ has finally came back from HK, and it’s going to be awesome to play for fun again. Since trainings are essentially on Thursdays and Saturdays, maybe I could squeeze in a game every Monday/Tuesday as well. 

This should be the plan for now. Like I mentioned, it doesn’t matter if I don’t make it for the team. So long as I know I gave in my best this time, I wouldn’t have any regrets. For now, an important goal would be to gain some mass again. Being sick for the past week, I’ve lost 4kg. Those who know me well know how precious weight is to me, and losing 4kg in a week is a huge blow to me. 

I reckon it won’t be easy, but then again. What is?