After a couple of interviews, I’ve finally decided on my summer plan. It’ll be a 3 month internship at ShopBack, focusing mainly on frontend development.

3 months will fly by in the blink of an eye and here’s what I wish to gain from the internship:

Level Up as a Developer

This should be my main goal. I should end the internship feeling more comfortable as a developer, having explored new fields at a greater depth. I’ve never dived into any technology in-depth before and this will be a very good opportunity to understand frontend development process.

The most exciting part will be (as always) to learn as fast as possible. 

I always wonder why are software engineers interns are called interns instead of apprentices. We are craftsmen seeking to master our craft. That aside, I want to see for myself how does the software industry look like right now and how we can improve it. Even if I cannot make a difference, I would want to know what I can do to stay away from the pitfalls and get the most out of the good parts.

Tech startups have been very hyped up recently and it is something I would want to experience before I settle for any career, startup or corporate, in the future. Summer is probably the best time to try new things and I am going to seize this opportunity.

Here’s to an exciting summer!