Yesterday marked the last day of Tembusu Orientation Week, and it was a totally different experience of freshmen camp. In my opinion, camaraderie and friendship forged during the camp was more important than the camp itself. I’m really proud to be part of this amazing OG, Hume!


Yep, that's us!
Yep, that’s us!

Other than the amazing friends made, I’ve attended two events which I’ve never experienced before in my life.

Technical Interview

I did not attend this in the camp, but I was told to attend an interview for CS1101S. It’s an introductory programming module which is harder and has much more workload than CS1010. In this module we learn much more through functional programming instead of doing the same old module in C. Which I’ve already more or less learned.

Yes, I should’ve said all of those in the interview, but no. Instead I said that I’ve learnt Javascript and wanted to hone my Javascript skills. Massive facepalm. Nobody who understands Computer Science would tell you that CS is about programming. It’s about the concept. That’s just the first part of the interview that I screwed up.

Afterwards, I was told to explain mathematical function, and subsequently explain some fundamental concepts that I should’ve been able to explain. I blew it. I couldn’t do it without the help of the professor, and made some really, really, fundamentally wrong mistakes. I think it went so bad that before I even finished explaining, the professor told me straight up

Ok I think I have an idea of how good your mathematical abilities are.


Perhaps I’m really not good enough for this module? I refuse to believe that is the case. I could’ve easily used the excuse that army has led to my rusty mathematical abilities. But like I said, that’s just an excuse. 

The point is I screwed it up, and there’s no way I could make up for it. The only option that I have would be to not screw up CS1010 if I get rejected. Nothing short of an A. 


I got the module! I have no idea how, but I won’t throw away this chance given to me. 🙂

Moving on…


If you’re not aware, the last day of Tembusu Orientation Week was a Model United Nations. We discussed on ideologies, and how does it represent human rights. Yeah, if you know me well, I know nuts about these things. Plus, it was held as a formal debate, so that’s another thing I’ve never done before. Placing these two together led to me stammering in front of the mic, not knowing what the hell am I talking about.

This is probably an area that I’m lacking in. Not only public speaking, but having an opinion about something. I rarely have strong felt opinions, and Tembusu encourages us to have an opinion. 

There’s a first for everything, and everyone has to start somewhere. Just like I mentioned previously about coding and basketball. I’m giving myself the permission to suck, in order to get sorta good at something. Tembusu college is probably the best decision I’ve ever made in my life to expose me to such events.

Oh, the least important part, I suited up for the second time in my life.

The HUME-MUN (get it) team with our OGL, Alif!
The HUME-MUN (get it) team with our OGL, Alif!

After experiencing these two things which pointed out (yet again) my weak areas, it’s time to start working on them! Not going to make any resolutions this time, because I have not formulated any yet. But the idea is to keep talking, keep thinking, and keep writing.

Can’t wait for school to start and move in to my Tembusu room! 😀