Yes it’s been a while and I’ve made some great progress in coding. Yay!

Let’s begin with the three languages I’ve played around with recently:

  1. C++. Yes, the language which I started with. I never really got to build things with this, but it’s a sooner or later thing. I’m still revising this language in order to grasp fully the concept of classes, pointers and references. They’re still really really confusing. I hope to master then soon enough with practice. 🙂
  2. HTML5 and CSS. Yes, this may not seem to be a language per se, but I think it’s really useful to what I’m about to do in a few months time. Got a project from my aunt and I’m really looking forward to my first “project” ever. HTML and CSS are relatively easy to understand. Despite that, I do believe there are still lots of things which I don’t understand quite yet. But I’ll get to them soon enough as the “project” progresses. Very excited for this.
  3. JavaScript. I finished this hoping to understand more of programming. Well it did help me a huge lot in understanding things which I struggled with in C++. It has similar syntax, (in fact it’s easier) and also different functionalities which is really useful. Also this would work in conjunction with HTML5 and CSS in my upcoming project.

Not forgetting to mention, I learnt both HTML and JavaScript from Codecademy. It’s really an amazing platform for beginners like me to venture into coding. It’s interactive, interesting and in the middle of every lesson, a small project which you’re guided to build something awesome. (Yes I’ve built lots of nonsensical apps using code just for laughs)

Other than that, my recent episode with sinusitis has really affected my physical abilities. Haven’t been exercising in quite a while and also not been playing much basketball. I hope that as I get better I’ll slowly kick back into action. Exercising is really important because they help me focus more when coding. Somehow exercising just takes so much rubbish out of my head. 🙂

I’m grateful for all the resources I have at my disposal right now in order to set me off on the right track in coding. I really hope that I’ll make more great progress in the months to come. There’s a long off from Friday to Tuesday, and I hope to make use of it to learn more of any of the three languages that I’ve learnt. Or better, create something cool with it!

Something I realise about coding is that you can never fully understand a language and it’s functionality. All you could do is know a limited amount of small little tricks that you could use in order to write better code. But it’s virtually impossible to know all of these tricks. Just choose a few that’s really really useful, and then master them! I think that’s what I’m planning to do in the upcoming few months. I wanted to start on Python as well, but I think that should wait.

Stuffing too much food down my throat will suffocate me.

Let’s hope that more great things would happen soon! 🙂

Keep coding, it’s awesome.