I came up with this idea to create a To-Do list in order to put my new jQuery skills to the test.

It wasn’t really that smooth sailing.

As always, I’m having troubles recalling all of the syntax that I’ve learnt from the online videos, and also, weak fundamentals. To me, programming is all about fundamentals. If there’s a solid foundation, you could always build on it.

That’s why I’ve decided to create a simple, yet elegant To-Do list. It’s still work in progress, but I’m sure that it’ll be out soon enough.

My limitations in data management is really giving me troubles. I’ve got a main page, an input box, and a button. Well, it sounds like it’s done! But no, I couldn’t properly assign the value inside the input box into an array. Well strictly speaking I managed to do that, but afterwards I couldn’t print the array out.

It’s really troublesome to keep referring to the API documentation of jQuery, but I guess that’s how everyone learn! And I’m learning.

Honestly I didn’t expect the learning curve to be this steep. But as always, most people stop when things start to get difficult. I shall not stop.

Wait for that awesome To-Do list! It’s my first project that has a UI. 🙂