I went to the library today to borrow a few more books, mainly on coding and scripting. Right now these things have become integrated into part of my life and that’s exactly what I want to achieve. Immerse myself in an environment where I will be motivated and spurred on to learn more and venture deeper into the field.

But at this rate of learning, I might be doing too much at once. I’ve borrowed books on C++, Python, HTML and JavaScript. It could be overkill to learn so much languages at once but I’m really keen in learning these four languages. (The rest can wait, though I’m really into them as well)

I do hope that by the end of August I’m actually starting to create and hack things in C++. It’s my basic and my foundation, I would want to excel in my foundation language. The rest are mainly for recreational purposes and also to boost my ability to code different things. For example webpages and also webapps. (PHP would be next!)

I’m currently at classes and pointers for C++. It’s a difficult concept to grasp since it deals with memory management. But still, books made it easier for me rather than just relying on cplusplus.com. Also the website tutorial is giving me headaches due to the small text that I view them on my iPhone.

What’s new, Apple just had their WWDC 2013 and released their new lines of products. iOS 7, Mac Pro, and also MacBook Air refitted with the new Haswell chips. I’m more interested in the MacBook Air since it concerns me. Why’s that?

I’m getting a MacBook over the weekends.

This may seem really random and uncalled for. (A waste of money to some) But all I wanted to achieve with this purchase is to familiarize myself with OS X so that I could use it in University in the next year. 

Yes, I’m hoping to code in OS X. I’ve done my research and the main reason why I’d make such a weird purchase would be to build something for iOS in Objective-C. 

Which means I have to learn Objective-C sooner or later as well.

Also MacBooks are really portable with long battery life and less clutter from the OS. Windows is just giving me so much troubles lately. And also my laptop’s battery is dying.

Or rather the real reason why I want a MacBook is because it looks awesome.

That’s it for now, I’m back to studying classes. Game of Thrones season finale is out too and I’m catching it on my iPhone in camp!

Till then. Keep learning.