Half a month into my internship and I’m pretty overwhelmed by the amount of things I’ve learnt. I’ve never been exposed to a large (and to some extent, messy) codebase and be expected to understand how it works in a single week. In addition, the work I’m doing right now brings me great satisfaction.

I should write more about the technical skills I’ve picked up in my Github page, but I haven’t found the time to do so at the end of each day. Writing is one of the efficient ways to make sure I really understand certain concepts picked up for the day. Of course the side benefit of this will be to improve my writing ability and thought process.

One of the goals I wish to achieve by the end of next week is boosting my productivity. I have certain deadlines to meet by the end of next week, and I feel that there are many tiny details in my daily workflow that I could tweak for optimisation. After reading this reply by Zach Holman on GitHub, I’ve got some ideas to improve my productivity as well.

One of the best tips Holman gave was to leave a bit of work unfinished at the end of each day to kickstart the next day. I tried this for two days and found that it was easier to get into momentum in the morning. The satisfaction from completing a small task is crucial in determining how the rest of my day goes.

I usually find my productivity dipping after lunch when food coma [1] kicks in. I should try to apply the same concept of leaving a bit of work undone before lunch to kick off my afternoon session well. Getting into momentum has to be one of the most important factor in determining my productivity for the day.

I should work on this for the next week, and see how much further I can optimise my productivity for the day.