Weather in Singapore is really bad these few days. Considering that the PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) is currently at a record high 290.

I’m coughing really badly. My guess that it was mostly due to my previous episode with flu and cold, which has now evolved into sort of a sore throat and cough. The weather’s not making it any better. (Duh)

It’s really slowed down a lot of what I want to do, including coding which I really get to enjoy. I’m already at references which is kinda like pointers, a hard concept to understand, albeit a useful one.

And because I’m coughing every few seconds, I couldn’t really think of a code to write out a multiplication table in code and run it well. It should have been simple. An array, couple of variables and a few nested loops. Input/output and tada there goes the end product. But I just couldn’t sort it out and when I look at online solutions it just doesn’t click with my brain. It sounds like a really stupid excuse but it’s true. 😥 Hopefully I recover soon. Even my private doctor from the neighbourhood clinic seems to be very busy. Came back home for nights off and could not even get a number.

Oh dear, times like these are hard, but it sure will make us feel more appreciative of our clean air in Singapore after this whole “Haze-saga” is over. Let’s not take things for granted. 🙂

Also on the other hand, I do hope that I’ll recover soon enough so that I will be able to continue to code and get better everyday. It really matters a lot to me because this time when I start, there’s no turning back.