I was scrolling through “The Verge” forums today and came across this discussion about which language would be the best to start programming with.

Many chose HTML5/JavaScript, while some went ahead with Python and Ruby. But me, a person with no background is starting off learning C++. Well, I read also in a comment that C/C++ should be learnt last to end things off as they are the real basics that a programmer should have. 

But here’s the thing, now that I’ve learnt C++, should learning Python, HTML5 and JavaScript be easier afterwards? It’s same logic, different words. I do hope that I’ve made the right choice by focusing on C++ as a starter language to get myself immersed in the coding world. I’m still halfway through it, not reaching the chapter on Functions yet. But I do really find the purpose of C++ kicking in lately. I could easily code an app that would repeat “You mean….. (what you typed)” until the user writes “I give up.” I could do that, but it’s pointless and not interesting. 

Probably I should start to code something more useful like a game of blackjack or poker. Spice things up a bit! That’ll still take some time I guess. A few months maybe? 

What I lack now is practice. I need some homework and worksheets to deal with what I learn. See learning computing is like learning science. You have the textbook, you have you, and you have homework. Homework is where the learning takes place, where you flip back to your textbook over and over again in order to figure out what’s going on. In that process you learn! 

I should get going to find some of those assignments. Hopefully it’ll aid in my progress for the next week. Aiming to finish C++ and actually code something by June. A much delayed progress. 

Till next time.