I was lazing in bed this morning, when the long awaited acceptance email from Tembusu College came. 

I made it. 

They had accepted me. I do believe that after all the reflections and lessons learnt, this is the fruit of my labour. But what’s more important is to view this not as a destination, but just the start of my journey. 

So where do we go from here?

A good friend of mine recommended a well-written article recently. It talks about internal motives and instrumental motives. The main point is that people with instrumental and internal motives, such as going to University to get a decent pay (instrumental), and to learn (internal), usually end up unsuccessful in achieving their motives. Whereas those with a lack of instrumental motives end up being successful in what they want to achieve. 

This sort of reminds me of So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport. He mentioned that if you focus more on being a craftsmen of your own skill, passion and joy would come as a side product of the hard work. The true purpose of learning is so that you will emerge as a better person than you were yesterday. Be it in my craft, or the maturity of thought. All of the glamor comes as a side product of learning. 

What I’m trying to convince myself is that I’m in university to learn. To better myself, to educate myself. 

It’s only the beginning, and I have secured yet another opportunity for me to better myself. I’m excited about what the road ahead has in store, and I’ll be sure to cherish every moment of it.