Just came back from lunch in a pretty cool suite and it gave me a little musing/flashback.

As my Economic teacher in Junior College used to tell us when we’re in the middle of a chaotic discussion about any concepts:

Go ahead. Discuss. This is where the actual learning takes place.

It’s been three semesters in NUS and I’ve been studying in solitude for the exams every single time. Perhaps the modules I did the best for were ones that I actively participated in discussions about concepts.

CS1101S only got slightly more interesting towards the end where I actively discussed with Alex about the concepts. CS1231, CS2100 and CS2020 was fun throughout since Ryan and gang were there for me. Those modules which I did the worse for were those that I did alone, like Calculus and General Biology. For this semester, Computer Networking was a total nightmare that will probably come back to bite me in the ass.

I remember writing a blog post way back during army that learning alone is tough. I was struggling with C++. There wasn’t anybody to direct your concerns to, nor have a casual conversation about concepts and ideas. True learning takes place best when there is active discussion.

Maybe this is something I missed out, and I wish I hadn’t. It is difficult to step out of this bubble that you surrounded yourself with.

Also, I feel it’s important to keep myself grounded. Remove myself from the attention that I’ve been getting lately and focus on personal growth and development. I’m not that great.

Afterall, glory isn’t permanent, skills are.