Results came out earlier today and I wouldn’t say I’m very satisfied with them. The entire semester has been a whirlwind ride, here are some reflections.

Work is manageable, time isn’t.

This has to be the greatest lesson learnt. Modules are actually pretty straightforward and easy to understand if I had put in consistent effort weekly for the entire semester.

Focus on what is important

I would say that most of my time were not spent being productive on the things that matters. In other words, I spend too much time thinking rather than doing. It’s a habit that I should try get rid of as soon as possible. CS3216 did take up most of my time this semester but I have to admit that the remaining time were not well spent. This was pretty evident when I screwed up midterms big time because I did not do my revision according to plan.

Being more proactive

Resources are out there to be utilised. I’ve gotten a bit more lazy this semester in terms of actively seeking out help from tutors and professors on help. I would gladly use CS3216 as a convenient excuse for me to have ‘no time’. But I am quite certain this isn’t the case. It all goes back to the part on time management.

Exercise, don’t neglect it

The exercise counter for this semester is close to zero. Apart from the weekly captain’s ball sessions, I’ve not been doing any exercise of my own. (Not to mention there’s IPPT coming up tomorrow)

Let go of thoughts

Sometimes thoughts are toxic, and they affect the way I function on a daily basis. Many times this semester there was a need to empty and gather back my thoughts. It helps me reconsider what matters and what doesn’t. These thoughts stems from every aspect of my daily life and it’s important to let go and ignore them sometimes.

Overall it wasn’t a pleasant semester, but I’m excited for the next stage of my life in Silicon Valley for a year.

Looking forward! 🙂